Passions and Life Goals

Since making the decision not to return to teaching, I have been exploring different ideas surrounding entrepreneurship – reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and even signing up for webinars and courses to assist in providing me with some direction.


The main problem I am facing right now is that I kind of just want to do everything! For the last 12 years or so, much of my life has focused around my teaching career in some way or another. Having now branched out and discovered the myriad opportunities available for anyone with enough skill and determination to turn dreams into reality, I am suddenly like a squirrel in a Planters factory.

While I realise that my decision to give up my main career (and with it, my guaranteed income) may have been a bit hasty, at no point have I regretted the choice I made. Despite the lack of regret, I have sometimes struggled to explain myself. Recently, an acquaintance asked me, “what are you doing now?”

PurposeI replied, “it’s a bit of a grey area” because I was feeling some type of way about not having a job title, and was trying to be kind of funny about it. Afterward, I kicked myself over how blasé it sounded, when in fact, the reality is that I am happy with what’s going on in my life right now.

From that moment, I decided to embrace the adventure of working for myself and exude confidence in everything that I do. After all, I do feel like I have the talent and ability to be successful – why not show that side to the rest of the world?

Following that incident, I happened to run into that same acquaintance’s husband who asked me the same question. This time, I told him directly and with a proud smile on my face. It felt a million times better. If I project the fact that I believe in my ideas, then others will get on board with them too! It’s unbelievable how we humans are able to be our own worst enemies!

My partner and I were having a discussion the other day about passions and life goals. Everything I’ve read, listened to, and watched recently has reiterated one common theme: the key to success is to find a way to make your passion(s) generate income. Sounds simple, right?

All The Things!The thing about me is that I’ve never really been able to pinpoint my “passion”. I have many talented friends and family members who are great at photography, acting, painting, you name it. My catch phrase has always been, “I’m a Jack of all trades; master of none”, but that doesn’t really seem like a passion, does it?

Well, my partner helped me to realise that the common factors amongst all of the things I like to do, are that I love to help others become better versions of themselves, and, not only am I very social, but I really like to make sure that everyone I’m around is having a good time.

Right now, I am tutoring, which is a way that I can help students become better at something – I absolutely love the “aha moments” when a previously difficult seeming concept is understood. Our photo booth rental company Pic Me is my means of being social and ensuring that people at events walk away having had an amazing and memorable time. I’m also exploring ways to break into social media marketing and public relations.

**On a side note, I also love animals, so I offer pet-sitting services (#nassaupetsitters), and I provide copy-editing services (this is more of a skill that I feel I might as well put to good use, rather than a true passion… though I suppose I do really enjoy playing with the language). Lastly, writing is a hobby I used to love which went dormant for a while, but I’m getting back into it – It’d be great to have a job that would allow me to be a digital nomad!

The final take away from all of this? Although I am becoming more confident by the day, I am increasingly aware of the limitations that we, as humans, place on ourselves. It’s sad, really, how we often let fear hold us back. You really CAN do whatever you put your mind to. You are stronger than you even know!

"Do it!"

“Do it!”

Contrary to popular belief, the world is not conspiring against you. In fact, if you’ve demonstrated yourself to be a good person, it’s highly likely that others will want to help you in the pursuit of your dreams – not because of an ulterior motive, but simply because it feels good! I really hope to see more people in my network recognise their potential to live their dreams. I’m going to stop here because I’m starting to feel like a motivational speaker… but I do believe this.

If you’ve read this far, I’m hoping that you’ll also take the time to comment. What are your passions? Have you considered running a side business or leaving your career in pursuit of a passion? Do you have any suggestions for me and my career? Better still… maybe you’d like to hire me for one of the aforementioned services 😉

Looking forward to hearing your responses!

Thanks to Jay Isaacs & Charlie Jenkins for inspiring me to write today by sharing their own blog posts with me, to Alex Hamm for leading by example, and to the innumerable people in my network who have stood by me from day one. You are all awesome!