What is wrong with me?!

Check out my friend Charlie’s blog. His unique sense of humour will have you chuckling as you read 🙂

Elwyn Eleutherios

Meh. The list is probably endless.

So much for my ‘exercise regime’. I’ve not lost a single pound.


I guess I forgot what it was like to actually work. What was I thinking? Exercise?! How’d I find the energy to do that!? I’ll chalk that misguided challenge to myself up as holiday exuberance. When you don’t have work to go into, to stress over, to wake up unreasonably early for, the world seems like it’s yours to crack open and slurp down, like an oyster, say. Well, I don’t like oysters. And I don’t like exercise (somewhere along that line, I lost the metaphorical trail…).

My plan was, and still is (laughably) to wake up at 6am and do 30 minutes on the exercise bike. I’d even make it more enjoyable on myself by hooking up my laptop to the TV and play my downloaded Xbox 360 games with my…

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