Nassaw’s Way

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock without any access to social media, you’ve probably heard of Nassaw Brigante – You know, that guy who said everything you were thinking but weren’t bold enough to say in his recent hit “Letter to the Prime Minister“.

Nassaw Tat “I’ve got a tat of New Providence on my right arm, the flag on my back, and the coat of arms over my heart”.

The lyrics surprised a lot of people because they hadn’t perceived him to be so politically vocal, but Nassaw is a patriot, from his name to the tattoos covering his battle-tested ‘armor’.  “It’s a conscious era for me right now because of what’s going on in the country. I’m not going to let it go down like that. We need to motivate people. Everybody’s got the same problems, but we all want an escape from it.” 

Nassaw Flag “Poverty is…

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