Eyes on the Goal: #RodanandFields



As luck would have it, I already had a pimple brewing before I started using RF products. You may not be able to see a tangible difference yet, but I definitely feel it!

I’ve recently begun working for Rodan and Fields as an independent skin care consultant – well… if you consider being able to set your own hours, meeting fabulous people and helping others to feel more confident about themselves “work”!

I was never the type of person who paid any mind to her skin unless I happened to have a pimple. Being one of the lucky few who doesn’t experience breakouts outside of certain hormonal times, it just never seemed that important to me; so outside of soap and water, and a touch of moisturizer from time to time, I kept it very low maintenance.



My attempt at “neutral”. Even though the changes are visibly obvious, I wanted to be able to show you my progress along the RF way!

The thing we all know about maintaining something, though, is that it keeps things better for longer. Taking care of cars and air conditioners…actually dry cleaning products that say “dry clean only” instead of just swishing them around in the sink and hanging them on your shower rod!

By neglecting my skin (because it looked fine to me) I actually ended up allowing the elasticity to break down and the wrinkles to really set in. Had I just stuck to a simple skin care regimen in the first place, creases may not have laid trenches across my entire forehead and blackheads wouldn’t be colonizing on my nose! What seemed sudden, but was actual 32 years of unrest beneath the surface, this battle sprung up all across my face!


I wanted to choose expressions for my before/after photos that will eventually make the changes more noticeable!

Upon realizing that it was time to call in the reinforcements, I began looking into various skin care products. I wanted something that would be simple enough for me to do, since I am really not into spending hours in the bathroom like that. Furthermore, I wanted something effective, since I’ve finally learned (after years of frugality) that just buying a cheap product generally does not equate to getting top results. It’s better to pay a little more for something that actually works, and that you can use, instead of buying something that you end up wasting. Lastly, as an environmentally and socially conscious person, I wanted something that wouldn’t have a majorly detrimental impact on the Earth or its people!

Rodan and Fields met all of my criteria, and then some!

When I met Candace Marie through a mutual friend at a girls’ night out, one of the first things I noticed was that she looked super glam – but she wasn’t even wearing makeup… her skin was just that radiant. We ended up “friending” each other on Facebook, and I started noticing R + F posts in her newsfeed. Serendipitously, this was around the same time I was on my skin care research frenzy. I reached out to her, and we scheduled a time to chat.

Candace told me her R + F story, and explained the products and mentioned that a lot of people who love the products end up working as consultants: not only because they want a discount on products that they want to buy anyway, but also because they want others to be able to enjoy the confident feeling that comes with having great skin!

IMG_3386Following that call, I researched like mad…found out that the doctors who created the products are the same women who developed the Proactive acne line; dispelled all of the conspiracy theories and recognized naysayers as internet trolls just trying to get traffic to their sites. Eventually, I felt confident that Rodan and Fields was a company that I could really stand behind! I was going to just buy the products and put off becoming a consultant until I felt more confident in my selling ability, but then I realized that this is a crucial time in the Canadian market. R + F products have only been available in Canada for about a year, and there are currently very few consultants outside of urban areas.

I knew that I was far less likely to regret signing up as a consultant than not, and decided to take the leap! It hasn’t even been two weeks since I received my business kit and started using the REDEFINE regimen, but I’m already feeling the difference!

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