A Year of Living Less and Less Dangerously

As someone who has had too many “klutzy moments” to keep track, I fully commiserated with this post! Looking forward to hearing about all of your 2016 adventures as you kick fear in the face!


“Fear and doubt always seem to find people who are looking for them. Hope and courage do the same thing.” – Bob Goff

“Is that her bone?”

My friend whispers to my boyfriend, trying not to let me hear.

Lying on a floatable mattress in a pool of water at the bottom of natural rock slide, I can tell she doesn’t want me to panic.

One minute I was gliding down on the bright yellow inflatable toy, having a ball, and the next I am helpless, bleeding and in terrible pain. I had cranked into a rock on the edge of the slide and now just lay hoping, in my state of shock, that I haven’t broken anything.

Covering my face, in excruciating pain, I’m wondering how I will get out of this situation at the bottom of the slide, in the wilderness as far away from any services as…

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