Link Bahamas: What Dating SHOULD Be!

Bahamas Entertainment

erin-gay-2“A lot of times, people go to the wrong places to meet people. When you’re at a club, the music is loud, alcohol is flowing, and there are too many variables in the way that could cause a bad decision. Sometimes people try to force a serious relationship because of lack of patience,” declared Erin Gay, founder of LINK Bahamas.

She had the idea for the dating service when she noticed her friends kept complaining ‘there’s no good females, or no good males’, so one day, just for fun, she posted on Facebook: ‘All my single friends, inbox me’, and surprisingly, they did! With her strong history of event-planning, it all just came together.

1er-cru-link-eventBahamas Entertainment attended the most recent event, held at 1er Cru, which had vibin’ music, free-flowing wine, and enough chocolate to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Since everyone came out with a mind to being social, it wasn’t…

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