Shon P: Lyrical Honey

Bahamas Entertainment

Shon P has been a hot topic on social media lately, with his debut single #GTFOH blasting across the airwaves on local radio, as well as on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Youtube. This young rapper is doing it right – he made his music available on iTunes and the Google Play Store from the get-go, rather than becoming what critics in the industry would call a “Facebook Star”.

Shon Pennerman grew up in the Bacardi Road area of New Providence. He graduated from C.V. Bethel before going on to COB to study Music.

Shon PUnlike many artists who grow up surrounded by music, Shon is the sole musician in his family. However, he proudly points out: “I see where my ventures inspire individuals in my family to not only take the career seriously, but also to become involved. I see my little sister getting deeper into singing and my little brother…

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