Shon P: Lyrical Honey

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Shon P has been a hot topic on social media lately, with his debut single #GTFOH blasting across the airwaves on local radio, as well as on SoundCloud,…

New Rules of Sex and Dating

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Whether you’re currently swimming in the Bahamian dating pool, coupled up, or choosing to remain single: This play is for you. I had the pleasure of seeing Kerel Pinder‘s New Rules…

Unlocking Aneka’s Red Carpet Style

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With her contagious smile, and unmatched fashion sense, Bahamian blogger, model and television host Aneka Stewart truly seems to have discovered the key to looking glam on the…

The Industry Owes You Nothing: A Conversation with Dro Capone

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“Dro’s coming in here looking like a cross between Future and 2 Chainz,” were the words that introduced this young rapper to the radio audience on Saturday morning’s…

Link Bahamas: What Dating SHOULD Be!

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“A lot of times, people go to the wrong places to meet people. When you’re at a club, the music is loud, alcohol is flowing, and there are…

Penis Waggling and Other Woes

I was wracking my brain, thinking about the 17 countries I’ve visited and the 3 others in which I’ve lived, trying to come up with something for this “Travel Writing Challenge” which my friend… Continue reading

A Year of Living Less and Less Dangerously

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“Fear and doubt always seem to find people who are looking for them. Hope and courage do the same thing.” – Bob Goff “Is that her bone?” My friend…

Eyes on the Goal: #RodanandFields

  I’ve recently begun working for Rodan and Fields as an independent skin care consultant – well… if you consider being able to set your own hours, meeting fabulous people and helping others… Continue reading

Nassaw’s Way

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock without any access to social media, you’ve probably heard of Nassaw Brigante – You know, that guy who said everything you…

It’s Hotter in The Bahamas

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We say “everyone loves to be entertained,” but what does that really mean? I randomly posed this question on Facebook: “What are the first ideas that come to mind…